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Loan Management System

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Key Features

The Unice Loan Management Solution comprises of prebuilt activities starting from Loan document execution, Loan Account creation and Loan Disbursement, Funded and Non Funded Limit management, Collateral Management, Repayment Schedule, Collection work flow, Balancing and Overdue, Interest and Charges Application, Account settlement, NPA Management, write off to Rephasement and reschedule activity.

  • Multi-Tier, Multi-User
  • Single Client, Multiple Accounts
  • Change logs for audit purposes
  • Accurately Forecast
  • Open Item Accounts
  • Customer account age analysis
  • Enquiry for account status
  • Account Settlement & Restructure
  • Automated write-off of balances
  • Debit-order collection facility
  • Role specific dashboards, Alert management
  • NPA Management along with SMA
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