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Payroll Management

Payroll Management Software

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Key Features

Payroll system chiefly understands the employees at a particular point of time; it helps determine the employee’s salary or hourly labor wage. Our payroll systems calculate the net pay of the employee for a given pay period, after all deductions and benefits provided to the employees. Saitec Payroll systems can automatically cut checks to employees or have their pay automatically deposited into their bank account.

  • Salary Slip and salary summary
  • Payment registers for Cash / Bank / Cheque
  • Bank transfer vouchers and list
  • Provident Fund Statement
  • E.S.I Statement: Monthly
  • Professional Tax Slab
  • Device In-Out Detail
  • Create your own Salary Structures
  • Create incentive plan for employee
  • Employee In/Out summary
  • Employee Record correction sheet
  • Bonus Payable
  • Group Insurance list
  • Reimbursement payments
  • Employee expense statement
  • Employee annual salary ledger
  • Recruitment/ Applicant Tracking
  • Employee Information Management
  • Goal Setting and Tracking System
  • 360 Appraisal Tracking
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